SHAREit Download – Best File Transfer Tool

SHAREit is a File transfer tool loaded with a lot of features for Android, iOS and Windows PC users. Due to it’s huge fanbase, SHAREit is available for almost all the operating systems like Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows etc. There are other File transfer tools like Xender, Zapya etc., but SHAREit takes the #1 spot as the best transfer and share app of 2017 with the most number of downloads. Download SHAREit for Android, Windows, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod and discover more about SHAREit below.

SHAREit app download not only helps you transfer photos, videos and media files, but you can also transfer apps and games directly from the dashboard. As of v4.0.6, the sharing speeds have been increased to 20MB/sec which means now transferring large files is absolutely a breeze. Download SHAREit for PC, Android below for free and follow the installation instructions.SHAREit APK supports transfer of images, videos, gifs, documents, zip, exe, APK, iso, RAR, dmg and many other file types. Just select the file from File Explorer and click send to share. SHAREit has 4-5 rating in all the app stores which says about it’s excellent features and performance.

Why SHAREit?

We all know that SHAREit is not the only File transfer tool available for Android and Windows. There are other tools like Zapya, AirDroid, Xender etc., but many people prefer SHAREit. The age old service and new features with every update keep the app revolute itself into something new every time and the high transfer speeds make sure that SHAREit stands tall among it’s competitors. Out of all the sharing tools, only SHAREit is most compatible with almost all the operating system making it the one of the most downloaded apps on Android. Some mobiles provide SHAREit by default, such is the importance of the app in Android and iOS mobiles.

SHAREit apps like CONNECTit, LOCKit also provide a lot of value to users and have features that won’t be available on default installations of mobile. Download SHAREit for PC to send movies between your mobile and PC.


  • Share files anywhere without any network restrictions.
  • Transfer files with speeds up to 20 MB/sec making it the fastest mode of wireless transfer in the world.
  • Cross platform sharing support so that you can send files between your Mobile>PC, Mobile>Tablet and PC>PC.
  • Share between devices irrespective of the OS. So, send between Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS with the same transfer speeds.
  • Supports PC and Laptop with Windows XP/7/8/10.
  • Transfer Photos, Videos, Movies, Music, Softwares, Apps, Games and much more.
  • Transfer files between Mobile and PC by entering the SHAREit portal and selecting the icon.
  • Remotely control your PC to view photos, music, videos etc. Also, monitor PPT via the app.
  • Duplicate and Sync the data of old phone to new phone in one simple click.

SHAREit Download

As the installation method for each operating system is different, please click on your required version to go to the download page. Download SHAREit from there and follow the installation instructions.

SHAREit App logo

Developer SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd
Compatible Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows
File Size Varies with device
License Free
Rating 4.6

 Download SHAREit APK

As of 2017, the latest version of SHAREit app is available to download for Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS and Windows Phone. However, there are minimum required versions of each OS that you must maintain in order to run SHAREit correctly. Please check if you have the below OS.

  • Android 4.4 and higher (KitKat, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo)
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • iOS 10.0 and higher
  • MacOSX Sierra and higher (El CaptainX, High Sierra 10.12+)
  • Windows Phone 8 and higher (Windows Phone 8, 10, 10.1)

How to send photos, videos, files with SHAREit?

To send files with the app, you must have a receiver device within the reach of your mobile. After you’ve decided the files to share, follow these steps to send.

1) After download, open SHAREit on your mobile and setup your device name and icon. After setup, click on ‘Send’ from the homepage. (Note: If you’re running Android 6.0 or higher, switch on your location service to find other devices quickly.)

2) SHAREit will show you the photos, videos, media files and other softwares available on your mobile. Select the ones you want to send and click on ‘Send’ at the bottom of app.

3) Ask the receiver to download SHAREit on their mobile and select ‘Receive’ from menu. All the receiver icons available nearby will be scanned by sender mobile. Click on the receiver icon you want to share the files with. Your files will be sent with 20MB/sec to the receiver device.

4) Repeat the process by sending more files or go to SHAREit Menu for more options.

How to receive photos, videos, files with SHAREit?

1) To receive files with SHAREit, install the app and go through the setup process. Create your name and icon.

2) From the app homepage, click on ‘Receive’ and wait for the sender to send. Ask the sender to select your icon when the app finishes scanning receiver devices.

3) Once the sender selects your icon, files will be automatically transferred.


Is SHAREit free?

Yes. Download SHAREit for Android, Windows, Mac and iPhone for free and transfer files in an instant.

How to use SHAREit app?

There are different methods of sharing for each OS. Learn how to use the app by following the installations instructions on the download page.

How to scan QR code with SHAREit?

You can send files directly by scanning the QR code and connecting to the receiver device. The option to scan code will be available on the homepage below ‘Send/Receive’ buttons. If not, select the option from menu.

How to group share with many devices?

The app allows group sharing and the feature is still in Beta version. If you have the latest version of the app, you can try group share from the menu.

Is SHAREit available for Blackberry?

The app is not available for older versions of Blackberry OS. If you have Blackberry 10.01 or higher, you can directly install SHAREit APK on your device.

How to connect to PC?

To connect to PC, please make sure that you have SHAREit v4.0 and above. You can download the latest version of SHAREit for Windows PC here.