SHAREit for iPhone: We all know that it’s a bit difficult to transfer a file quickly to your friend’s Android/Windows mobile without using Bluetooth. But with this new file transfer app, we can now share files across devices with a super fast speed of 20Mb/sec which is more than 200% faster than bluetooth. SHAREit for iPhone uses wifi drivers to connect to other phones and transmits data through these drivers which makes it possible to share files with such speed. Learn how to download SHAREit app for iPhone, iPad, iPod for free and tutorials to transfer files after installing by following the steps below.

SHAREit app is widely recognised as the best app for File transfer and has been a default application in many Android phones. As there is a lot of security for iOS, we must download the app manually. SHAREit not only helps in file sharing, but also have some other amazing features that will make your life easy. Please do note that you must have an active working WiFi service enabled to use and send with SHAREit. If else, you can use the other features the app provides.

SHAREit for iOS/iPhone

Learn How to Download SHAREit for iOS devices i.e., iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The app is available in more than 25 languages. So, even if you don’t know english you can use this app comfortably. Being one of the most downloaded app on both SHAREit APK for Android and iTunes, SHAREit has become an essential app in our daily life and our first choice to transfer files. With a 4.5 rating on iTunes and more than 7000 reviews, SHAREit is the best file sharing app you can download for free. There are also some other amazing features you must know.


  1. Media Player: The app has a pre installed media player where you can play your music and videos from your SHAREit app or from your storage.
  2. Sync: The Synchronise option is useful to save your contacts, messages and call logs to another contacts to other devices by sync.
  3. File vault: You can hide your files with the default vault option in SHAREit. Just select your files and protect them with a secure password.
  4. No internet needed: You don’t need an internet connection to send files with the app. A working service will be enough to connect to other device and share.
  5. Cross platform support: Now send files to other operating systems like Windows, Blackberry, Android and Computers by connecting via SHAREit.

Download SHAREit for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


Type ipa
Version 2.7.38
Size 52.04 MB
Requires iOS 7.0 and higher
License Free
Language English and 25+ languages
Compatible iOS 10, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


You can only use the app on iPhone and iPad. You can also install the app on iPod touch with display monitor and iOS 7.0 support. As the installation is free, you can download the app directly from iTunes. If you don’t have iTunes support, you can always install the app manually after jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad. On whatever device you download the app, you will get the same version of SHAREit with all features. Download SHAREit App for iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch from below and follow the installation instructions.

As mentioned, there are two methods to install SHAREit on iOS devices:

  1. Download & Install directly from iTunes.
  2. Download & Install manually via Jail break.

Both the methods are secure and fail proof. However, you must be ready to Jail break you iPhone in order to install the app manually without iTunes. This method will be helpful if you don’t have access to iTunes on your device.

Download & install from iTunes

Download SHAREit for iOS v2.7.38 by clicking on install in iTunes

Tip: If you’re browsing this article on your mobile browser or want to install the file from browser, click on the iTunes button above and go to installation page directly.

Download & Install via Jailbreak

Jailbreaking is a similar process to rooting in Android. By doing this, you are tweaking the security for your iOS device to allow third party app installations. You can jailbreak your iPhone not only to install unknown apps, but also for some amazing features that will enhance the performance of your phone. You can use Cydia, Yalu jailbreaking software.

  1. To install SHAREit for iPhone on your Jailbroke iOS device, download the ipa file from iTunes/external servers.
  2. Tap on the file to open and accept any permissions.
  3. If you get an ‘unknown certificate’ warning, go to device management settings.
  4. Here click on certificates and add ‘SHAREit technologies’ to the existing certificates.
  5. Again, tap on the ipa file to start installing.

How to send & Receive files with SHAREit iOS?

There are two simple functions in the app – ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’. As the names suggest, you can send and receive files from other devices that have SHAREit installed irrespective of the operating system. Both the devices must be WiFi enabled and if you are using iOS 10.o or higher, you need turn ON your location services. Also note that you must have v4.0 or above on your SHAREit for Windows PC or MacOS to transfer files from mobile devices.

Follow these 2 simple steps to start sharing files via SHAREit for iOS. You can send software files, apps, music, video, movies, docs, audio files, photos and much more.

Step 1 – Select Files

Choose the required file from Documents and tap on ‘Options’.

Step 2 -Transfer via Portal

Select file and choose Open with SHAREit to transfer directly


SHAREit for iPhone is the best file transfer app you can install on iOS devices. There are other advanced file sharing apps like Xender, Zapya etc., but SHAREit for iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is so simple and easy to use. To get more advanced features, you can always buy SHAREit pro that has more features and speeds. But the free version is enough to transfer even large files. The bit to bit transfer technology of SHAREit for iOS ensures that all large files are sent fast. You can exit the transfer portal by clicking the ‘X’ icon on the top of screen.