SHAREit download App: We all know the importance of file transfer in our daily lives. We must always have a tool on our mobiles and computers for easy file transfer and share with other devices. We can always transfer via internet but the speeds will depend on our internet connection. SHAREit provides free transfer with up to 20 M/s between different devices. This means we can now easily transfer movies, large files within seconds that too without internet connection.

As SHAREit is such a popular app, it is made available for almost all the operating systems by SHAREit Technologies. Download SHAREit for Android, SHAREit for Windows Phone, PC, Laptop and SHAREit for Apple devices below.

The best feature of SHAREit is it’s cross platform compatibility and this enables us to transfer files between iOS>Android, Windows>Android and Windows>Mac. We can also use Bluetooth for the same purpose but we already know the waiting time for even small transfers.

How does SHAREit work?

SHAREit uses advanced WiFi signals to send files to another WiFi compatible device. To send large files in less time, the app breaks one large file into thousands of bits which enables fast transferring. Download SHAREit App latest version for your required operating system below and start sharing.

SHAREit download Free

The app is not only compatible with Android, but also with Windows, MacOS, Blackberry and iOS. This means you can install SHAREit on your Android mobile, Windows PC and Laptop along with all iOS devices. As, each operating system has it’s own ways to transfer and share, please select your required OS from below to download the app and also get the installation instructions.

SHAREit for Android

Android is the most used mobile OS right now and it’s no surprise that SHAREit is being used by millions of Android users worldwide. This app is the first file transfer app that became revolutionary and is now being pre-installed as a default app in all Android mobiles. There are 2 ways you can download SHAREit for Android:

Download SHAREit from Google Play Store

As we all know, Google Play Store is the hub for all Android apps. Also, the app store is one of the most secure platforms to download and install apps. With more than 700 million users worldwide and a rating of 4.6 on Play Store, the app is loved by one and all. It is very simple to download the file transfer app from Play Store. You only need a Gmail account and Google Play services running on your mobile. Also make sure that you have Android 4.0 and higher OS. Click below to download SHAREit App from Google Play Store for free.


Download SHAREit APK v3.10.18_ww

Many Android mobiles that are old/not properly configured, do not allow Google Play Store and services to run on the mobile. This will create problems for users that download apps from the store. Also, many users don’t have Gmail account. SHAREit APK file is helpful to all those users who want to install SHAREit offline and also keep a copy of the app in their storage.


Download SHAREit APK latest version from below and follow the installation instructions provided.

The APK file is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher. Please download and install after enabling ‘allow unknown app installations’ option in Security settings.

Download SHAREit for PC [Windows] Free

SHAREit is a phenomenal app that supports almost every device. This means that you can use it on your Windows computer also. By installing the app on your computer, you can transfer and share files from PC to any mobile. You can also have the added benefit of Cross platform sharing which means you can also send files to other OS. Download SHAREit app for PC below and also see the installation instructions to setup the file on computer.

You need not install any third party software to install the app. It is a .exe file which is a default file extension in Windows operating systems. The file is compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10 and can also be used with a Windows emulator on other devices. Click the button to download the app for free.


Download SHAREit for iOS – iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Apple devices form a major part of our world’s mobile ecosystem and as many people use iPhone and iPads, we need a file transfer app to share pics, videos and movies with our friends. The easy solution is SHAREit for iOS, which allows us to transfer files not only to other Apple devices, but Windows/Android/Blackberry and Mac operating systems. Download SHAREit app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch by clicking the button below. More than 600 million users are using SHAREit on a daily basis on their apple devices.

Due to the advanced security of iOS, download the official app from iTunes is the only safe and secure way to install and transfer files using SHAREit. The other way however, is by downloading the ipa file on a Jailbroken iOS device and installing after allowing the security certificate. This method is however not recommended as it may revoke your manufacturer guarantee. Download SHAREit app for iOS devices running iOS 7.0 and higher and follow the installation instructions for both the methods by visiting the below page.


Download SHAREit for Windows Phone

As Microsoft now owns all Lumia phones, they are called Windows Phones. The operating systems were recently updated to Windows 10 and many users are now using Windows phones just like Android or iOS. So, we need a file transfer app to share pics and videos directly from our Windows Phone to other phones. SHAREit is the perfect app for that. Going strong by a 3.5 rating in Microsoft Store, the app had many bugs that are being corrected. As Microsoft is following the iOS route by securing the mobile transfer protocols, it is difficult without using SHAREit to transfer files quickly.

SHAREit for Windows mobiles is available for both online and offline installation. You can also directly install the appx/xap file directly to Windows phone just like we install APK on Android. Once installed, Microsoft App store will automatically update SHAREit to the current version. Learn the installation methods and download SHAREit for Windows Phone from below.


Download SHAREit for Mac

After Windows OS, MacOS is the most used operating system when it comes to personal computers. Designed by Apple, MacOS is different from iOS but have same features like iCloud integration, iTunes and other services. As Apple devices turn a blind eye for file sharing with third party software, a tool like SHAREit for Mac comes into handy to transfer important stuff easily. You can install SHAREit for Mac on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac. As the SSD is bigger than iOS devices, you can transfer and share movies easily using SHAREit.

There are 2 methods to download SHAREit App for MacOS. You can connect your device to iTunes and then download directly. You can also install the app offline using .dmg file that is the default extension for open software on Mac devices. Learn how to download SHAREit for Mac both online and offline to transfer file by clicking the button below.


Bookmark this page and keep reading to get the next update on SHAREit for other compatible devices. If you need download links for any other operating system, please comment below.