SHAREit for Windows Phone: Unlike Android, Windows mobiles and iOS mobiles are high on security. This limits the availability of many apps on OS of both mobiles. But as SHAREit is a very old app and very useful app, it is available to install directly on Windows phones. Popular Microsoft Windows mobiles like Lumia series have the added benefits of sharing files with other devices. Learn how to download SHAREit App for Windows Phone and install the app both manually and directly from the store below.

SHAREit should be a basic app available for all Windows devices. But the installation process is different for both Windows computers and Windows mobiles. Although all the features are same for both operating systems, Microsoft has put software limitations on Windows Phones to optimise the mobiles for better experience.

SHAREit for Windows Phone

Download SHAREit for Windows Phone 8, 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

Windows Phones have their own operating system which makes it difficult to even emulate apps from other OS into these phones. So, we need a direct installation SHAREit file that is compatible with all versions of Windows Phone OS. The App has more than 30, 000 reviews on Microsoft store which means it’s a frequently used app by Windows Phone customers. Installing SHAREit on Windows Laptop is also very easy as it also has a direct installation file. The latest version of SHAREit for Windows mobile is v1.7.14.0. It is recommended that you install App on these OS:


Download SHAREit for Windows Phone 8/8.1/10 Free

SHAREit App logo

Type appx
Size 8.7 MB
Requires Windows Phone 8 and higher
License Free
Language English and 25+ languages

 Download SHAREit .appx (8.7 MB)

There are two methods for installing SHAREit app on Windows Phones. One method is by connecting the phone to internet and installing the app directly from Microsoft store. This method is only valid when you have a Microsoft account connected to your Windows mobile. This method also provides a safe and secure way of installing and updating the app.Another method is by installing SHAREit appx file manually to the local apps list and then accessing the app.

Both the above methods will install the same version of SHAREit with same features. However, installing the file manually may result in the app not receiving timely updates.

Install SHAREit for Windows Phone via Microsoft store

In this method we will install the app using Windows App store. You can also follow the same process and install SHAREit on your Windows 10 PCs and Laptops. You must have a working internet connection to install the app. Click the below button to go to Windows page and follow the instructions below.

Get it from Microsoft logo, download shareit from windows store

  1. Click the above button and go to Microsoft Store page of
  2. Check if the store is recognising your device. If it’s recognised, you will get your mobile details along with ‘Get App’ button.
  3. Once the ‘Get App’ button turns blue, click on it.
  4. The app will be automatically installed to your Apps list.
  5. You can access for Windows Mobile directly Windows App Store list or your mobile apps list.

Similarly, you can also download SHAREit for iOS from iTunes store for free. Methods for both these operating systems are similar.

Install SHAREit for Windows phone manually

If you don’t have access to Windows App Store, you can always install SHAREit app manually by extracting the source file into your local apps list. When you install SHAREit using this method, the OS automatically updates the app to the current version. So, this method is also a safe and secure method to install SHAREit on Windows phone. The added benefit is that we don’t need any internet connection to install the offline file.

1) Download SHAREit appx file v1.7.14.0 from MediaFire server for free.

2) Now connect your Windows mobile to your computer via USB cable or Bluetooth. Now, go to ‘WP apps’ section and you will find your download file. Move that file to ‘SD card’ by dragging the app as shown below.

Move offline apps to SD card. Image for representation purpose only.

3) After moving, disconnect your Phone from computer. You no longer need PC support once you move the files.

4) Now, go to Microsoft Store from Windows mobile and drag up more options from the bottom of the screen. Here, click on ‘install local apps’ option.

All apps moved to SD card will be visible for installation here.

5) Once you see SHAREit in the ‘Compatible apps and games’ list, tick the box and click on install. SHAREit for Windows Phone Free download will be finished within a few seconds. If your version is out dated, Windows App Store will automatically update the app to current version when connected to internet.


SHAREit for Windows Phone 8,8.1,10 is the best app for Windows mobiles which is used by millions of users around the world. The simple features and fast file transfer speed will transfer movies within seconds. All of it without internet is a big plus point for SHAREit users. Unfortunately, you can’t install SHAREit APK on Windows mobiles. So, Follow the below methods and install the app on your Windows mobiles today.